Meet the hubby!!!

Meet the hubby, Paul!  The one that gave the adrenaline junkie genes to our youngest child.  He is a skydiver, drag strip junkie, and loves to go fast!  He owns a 1968 Ford Mustang that he and his dad purchased when Paul was 16 or 17 years old.  This is the car that he takes to the drag strip.  He used to have a 1995 Mustang that he also took to the track.  I guess working on two cars got to be too expensive which is why he sold the 1995 and focused on the 68.  It has been down for a couple years.  It seemed as though something was always breaking.  I think it just got too frustrating.

When we first met (blind date that I knew nothing about) I thought for sure he was going to kill himself  jumping from a plane.  I tried to fix him up with one of my friends.  After about six months though he grew on me and we had our first date January 20, 1995.  We got married March 11, 2000.  Luke arrived August 26, 2002 and Trent arrived June 27, 2006.  Yes I live with soooo much testosterone.  Some times it takes its toll and I have to just get away for a few hours.  Crazy men peeing on seats, passing gas, wrestling, and being loud.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way (for the most part).

Thank you for stopping by for my latest installment of a glimpse into my family.  Have a great weekend and stay tuned for another post in the next couple days!


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