Another weekend down…another busy–busy–busy week!

Hello all! Another busy weekend and a crazy busy week ahead of us. Tornado is still feeling a little under the weather. He finally slept all night last night though which means momma got to sleep after nine days of being up. Well, this weekend we went to the IX-Center Lego KidsFest. The kids had an awesome time. Tornado had a couple melt downs, but Lego Man was, of course, all about the legos. Here are a few pics:

We also had our first dress rehearsal for “A Very Merry Who-ville Christmas”. It went okay. The first one is always rough. Didn’t take any pics since I was helping with costumes and the sort. Today, we just hung out and cleaned. Thank goodness for a day of rest because the rest of the week is going to be a whirlwind. Here’s our lovely schedule:

Monday — Lego Man has Dr. Appt @ 4pm / Mom has school meeting at 6 pm / Lego Man has scouts at 7pm
Tuesday — Tornado and Lego Man have 2nd dress rehearsal at 5:30 pm
Wednesday — Lego Man has chess tournament at 4:00 pm
Thursday — Tornado and Lego Man has their last rehearsal but we cannot go because Lego Man has his school choir concert.
Friday — Tornado and Lego Man’s first performance begins at 6:00 pm
Saturday — Tornado and Lego Man’s second performance begins at 2:00 pm (I really want to do the turkey bowling at the local Rec Center but don’t think we will have enough time)
Sunday — hopefully a resting day.

Of course in all of that I have to organize a cookie/dessert reception for the performances. I just don’t know how to say NO I guess so it is my fault. Though I may be handing off the responsibility to someone else come tomorrow. This person has done it before so she knows what she is doing. I’ve never done it so we will see how this goes.

Well I hope all of you have a great week. I am hoping to keep blogging every other day, but with the above schedule I’m not sure that will be possible.

Take Care!!!


The sickies have entered our house yet again…

Soooooo….we had a good but busy week last week and we had a lot of fun for Halloween and trick-or-treating. I however have been missing-in-action due to illnesses and lack of sleep. Tornado had been coughing a little bit Thursday and Friday. Not surprising as most kids in his classroom had been coughing. By Saturday early afternoon he was worse so off the the pediatrician we go so as to stop croup before it progressed. Tornado got some prednisone and away we went. Two days were prescribed so that is what we did. He seemed to be getting better. Sunday was our trick-or-treating. It had been nice but by the time it was over the air had turned extremely cold. The crispness didn’t do Tornado any favors. Yesterday he was coughing so bad his little face was a bright red and he was exhausted from coughing. Off to the ER we went. They did two separate breathing treatments. One was an albuterol dosage and the other they had said it was like the meds in an epi pen to help reduce the swelling of the airways. It seemed to work a little bit. They did a chest x-ray just to rule out pneumonia. Of court Tornado talked the tech into letting him see the x-ray before sending it off to the doctor. “Mom, I’m a skeleton” lol! So they put him back on the steroid and upped the dosage. Also had me doing nebulizer as needed. Well, he was doing better today. Tonight he has had a few episodes of coughing so we will see how he is feeling in the morning. I am so over the sickies in this house for a couple months. I’m tired!

Well, I really do need to get to bed. Will post more tomorrow after work with pics from over the weekend. Lego Man used to cough non-stop for a month at a time with no relief. Come back tomorrow to hear the success we have had to prevent putting Lego Man on asthma meds that never worked anyway. I am very happy with his results and will be starting Tornado with the same thing hopefully starting next week. I would like to have a winter season where they are not getting sick every other week.

Until then, goodnight!!!